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 All about Windows Me

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PostSubject: All about Windows Me   Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:54 am

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
README for Hardware
June 2000

(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 2000

This document provides complementary or late-breaking
information to supplement the Microsoft(R)Windows(R) Millennium
Edition (Windows Me) documentation.


To view Hardware.txt on-screen in Notepad, maximize the
Notepad window.

To print Hardware.txt, open it in Notepad or another
word processor, and then on the File menu, click Print.













Problems with Power Settings in Control Panel
Some computers do not let Windows Me fully control power
management. If you find that changing the Standby, Monitor,
or Hard Drive time-out values in the Power Options has no
effect, your computer's own power management settings
are overriding the Windows Me settings. To work around
this problem, carry out the following steps:

1. Open your computer's power management setup program.

2. Disable any standby, suspend, monitor, or hard disk
timeout values.

After you do this, you should be able to control these settings
from the Power Options in Windows Me Control Panel. You may also
need to disable any BIOS-set timers to ensure that Windows Me
is controlling power management events. For more information,
contact your computer manufacturer.

Compaq Presario 4834 and Non-Compaq Monitors
If your Presario 4834 is not connected to a Compaq monitor
with USB ports, be sure that your BIOS is also configured
not to use the Compaq monitor with USB ports. If you have
the BIOS set to use the Compaq monitor, but do not have a
Compaq monitor connected, then your computer will turn off
when you choose the Standby command. For an updated BIOS
that fixes this problem, contact Compaq.

PCI Systems
If the video device is configured by the BIOS to use an IRQ
and you use the secondary PCI IDE controller in your computer,
your video will work only in VGA mode. To load the accelerated
Windows Me driver for your video, disable the secondary PCI IDE
controller in the BIOS if it is not controlling an IDE device.
Additionally, you may have to disable it in Device Manager.

(To open Device Manager, open System properties in Control
Panel, and then click the Device Manager tab.)

An alternative (if supported by the BIOS) is to disable the IRQ
of the video device.

Digital Venturis (any model)
If PNPISA and/or PCI cards are not automatically recognized, or
if Windows Me generates blue-screen errors when reconfiguring
your COM ports, contact Digital for a new BIOS.

Printing from Device Manager
In Device Manager, if you choose to print an "All devices and
system summary," the device detection code may cause problems
for MS-DOS(R)-based programs. Your computer manifests the problem
by reporting that it is out of memory when you try to run an
MS-DOS-based program. When this problem occurs, restart
Windows Me to correct the problem.

TrueFFS Flash File System for PC Cards (PCMCIA)
The MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 version of the TrueFFS driver does
not work with the Windows Me PCMCIA driver. To work with FTL-
formatted Linear Flash PCMCIA cards in Windows Me, install the
device driver provided by M-Systems.

To install the device driver:

1. In Windows Explorer, go to the \\Drivers\\Storage\\Flash
folder on your Windows Me CD.

2. Right-click the file Trueffs.inf, and then click Install.

3. Restart your computer.

Your linear flash and SRAM cards will now function.

Toshiba Computers: T610 T400 Series, T2100 Series,
T2400 Series, T4700 Series, T4800 Series, and the
T4900CT and T3600
If you use any of these Toshiba computers, Toshiba strongly
recommends that you upgrade your computer BIOS to version 5.0.
The upgraded BIOS provides additional functionality for the
Windows Me operating system. For more information in the United
States, contact Toshiba at (800) 999-4273. Outside the U.S.,
contact your local Toshiba dealer.


Kodak DC-25 and DC120 Digital Still Cameras
The Twain data sources are not included in this release.

To add a Kodak camera:

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Add New Hardware. If you don't see the Add New
Hardware icon, click View All Control Panel Options.

3. Click Next, and then click Next again.

4. Click No, The Device Isn't In The List, and then click Next.

5. Click No, I Want To Select The Hardware From A List, and then
click Next.

6. In the Hardware Types list, click Imaging Device, and then
click Next.

7. Click Next again, and then click either the Kodak DC-25 or
the DC120.

8. Click Next, select an available communication port from the
list, and then click Next.

9. If you want, type a new name for your device in the Device Name
box, and then click Next.

10. Click Finish.

Storm Technology - Logitech PageScan USB Sheet Fed Scanner
Support includes the Twain data source. This scanner also
supports push-mode scanning.

Logitech Scanman
If you use a handheld Logitech Scanman on a computer that has
more than 16 MB of memory, you may see an "Insufficient system
resources" message. To resolve this problem, obtain an updated
driver, Scanupt.exe, from the Logitech bulletin board or from

Acer Scanner Models 310U/320U, 620U/620UT, 640U/UT May Not Work
Contact Acer for an updated driver.

Epson Perfection 636, Perfection 1200 USB, GT7600U, and GT-7000
Scanners May Return an Error Message when Attempting to Scan
In some cases, the PC may run out of memory. Contact Epson for
an updated driver.

Epson Stylus Scan 2500 does not scan
Contact Epson for an updated driver.

Dexxa 4800 parallel scanner will not work in Windows Me
No fix is available for this problem

Logitech PageScan USB Scanner May Not Work when Upgrading from
Windows 98
To resolve this problem, use the driver that came with the
scanner instead of the driver that came with Windows 98.

Canon CanoScan 620U software Will Not Install on Windows Me
Contact Canon for an updated driver.

Canon CanoScan 600 May Not Scan from Applications with Earlier
versions of ScanGear
Contact Canon to get version 4.0 or later of ScanGear.

Hewlett Packard 6200C and 6250C
May not work with PrecisionScan 1.0 after upgrading, displaying
the message "Unable to communicate with the device." Restart the
computer to fix the problem.

Umax 2000U and 4000U Scanners May Not Work Properly from VistaScan
or Copy Utility
Contact Umax for an updated driver.

Hewlett Packard C200 Camera Software drivers
May not work when installed along with the drivers included in
Windows Me. Remove one of the duplicate drivers.


Kodak DVC-300
The Kodak DVC-300 USB digital camera is not supported in
Windows Me. Kodak has a version of the DVC-300
software available from their Web site at
When you upgrade to Windows Me, this camera will show the
following message in Device Manager for this device:

"Kodak DVC needs update. Go to"

Windows Device Manager Video Capture Devices
and Video for Windows Applications
Programs that use the Video for Windows 1.1 (VFW) interfaces
also use drivers that conform to the VfW 1.1 driver interfaces.
However, with the new Windows Device Manager (WDM) video capture
interfaces in Windows Me, programs can no longer use the VfW
interfaces to directly communicate with these WDM-based devices.

Windows Me includes a software layer that translates VfW 1.1
interfaces into WDM video capture interfaces. This translation
software works only for video capture devices on external busses
(USB and 1394) in Windows Me. Analog capture devices (such as PCI
cards with video decoder chips that use WDM drivers) cannot use
this translation software. The original VfW drivers for these
analog capture devices will continue to work but they cannot
be used in combination with the newer WDM drivers. An updated
version of this translation software is available at For information, search for
"Video for Windows WDM."


Modem Properties
To use your modem with the built-in communications features of
Windows Me, including HyperTerminal and Dial-Up Networking, you
must configure your modem in the Modem Properties dialog box.

To open the dialog box:

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Modems. If you don't see the Modems icon,
click View All Control Panel Options.

The options you set in the Modem Properties dialog box do not
affect modem operation in programs designed for MS-DOS or
Windows 3.1.

Modem Detection
If Windows Me detects your modem as a Standard Modem, or
incorrectly detects the make and model, carry out the following

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Modems. If you don't see the Modems icon,
click View All Control Panel Options.

3. Click Add, and follow the instructions given by the
Install New Modem wizard. If the wizard finds no new modems
on your computer, you can pick a modem from a list of possible
modem manufacturers. If your modem is not available, click
Standard Modem Types on the left side. On the right side,
click the option with the speed most closely matching that of
your modem.

Note: If you Select an inappropriate speed, such as one faster
than your modem is capable of achieving, your modem might not work
with Windows Me communications features. In such cases, carry out
the following steps:

1. In Modems properties, click the modem, and then click Remove.

2. Add the modem again as one of the other Standard Modem types you
can select from the Install New Modem wizard. Choose
an alternate to the one you originally picked, that you feel
closely resembles the speed of your hardware.

When configured for Standard Modem, Windows Me uses your modem's
factory default settings. The modem will make optimal high-speed
connections with Windows Me communications features. However,
you cannot adjust certain modem settings, such as speaker volume
and cellular protocols.

Racal Modems
If you have a Racal modem, do not use detection in the Install
New Modem wizard. Instead, click Don't Detect My Modem, and then
pick one of the Standard Modem types. If you have already run
detection and your modem is not responding, turn the modem off
and then back on.

Minitel (France)
Some modems may not be able to connect to French Minitel in
HyperTerminal by using the Windows Me default

To correct this problem:

1. Check your modem manual for a command that enables your modem
to connect in V.23 modulation to Minitel.

2. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

3. Double-click Modems. If you don't see the Modems icon,
click View All Control Panel Options.

4. Click your modem, and then click Properties.

5. Click the Connection tab, and then click Advanced.

6. In the Extra Settings box, type the command.

Modem Detection May Start Autorun CDs
On some computers, running modem detection may start the CD-ROM
Autorun feature.

PC Card Modem Power Management:
Modem Not Found or Not Ready
When PC Card Power Management is enabled, some PC card modems
need an extra delay before they are ready. Because of this
problem, your modem may not work at times even though it may
work at other times.

To increase the delay:

1. Click Start, click Run, and then type:


Then click OK.

2. Go to \\HKey_Local_Machine\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\

3. Click the key for the modem that you are trying to use.

4. To add a key in the root of the modem, click Edit, point
to New, and then click DWORD Value.

5. Name the DWord ConfigDelay.

6. Set the value equal to 3000 for a 3-second delay.

AOL Does Not Detect Modem

If AOL does not detect a modem in your system, you can install
the Modem Detection Package located on the Windows Millennium
Edition CD-ROM in the \\\\Tools\\Pssutil directory. After you install
this package you will need to restart your computer. After Windows
starts, you can run AOL again and try to have it detect your modem.


Plug and Play software does not detect tape drives. Tape
drive detection is a function of the drivers provided with
the Windows Me Backup program or of the backup
software that came with the drive. As a result, without a
backup program installed on your computer, the only tape
drives that appear in Device Manager are SCSI tape drives,
which may appear as either an unknown device in Device Manager
or a generic tape drive.

However, most backup programs do detect tape drives, so don't
be concerned if your tape drive does not appear in Device
Manager. If your backup software does not detect your tape
drive, contact the company that wrote the software.
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All about Windows Me
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