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Golden Clock?? who is that lol:D i kno but do you?
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 Strawberry clock History

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Golden Clock
Golden Clock OMG
Golden Clock OMG

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PostSubject: Strawberry clock History   Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:14 am

It Begins

Strawberry Clock. That’s a name that instantly comes to mind when you say the word “Clock Crew” to so many people. On August 15th, 2001, Strawberry Clock submitted B to the portal. This was never meant to pass. It was a front to laugh at peoples reviews, as were most of SBC’s movies. He explains the history of it in b2 by CoolBoyMan, how there was a glitch in the portal as it passed with below minimal scores. The same was never repeated for strawberrylock and N. At the time, Strawberry Clock was 14 years old.

Some say that B is the reason that the Clock Crew exists, while others believe that we would still be here even if B hadn’t been submitted. No matter which side you believe, it is a plain fact that a large, bold, red, Times New Roman B is the symbol for the Clock Crew. It stands for what we are at core, a spam group. Yet we are a spam group that have evolved in to a fully fledged flash website. We revolve around flash now, not spam.

Go here for a more in-depth analysis on B
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Strawberry clock History
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