Golden Clocks hanngoutt!!

Golden Clock?? who is that lol:D i kno but do you?
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 Your all time favourite clock is back

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Golden Clock
Golden Clock OMG
Golden Clock OMG

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PostSubject: Your all time favourite clock is back   Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:11 am


About masquatto


Masquatto signed up on the BBS in August of 2003. At the time, he did not have Flash, and hadn’t even bothered to create an NG (Newgrounds) account. By the time October hit, Masquatto had Flash 5 and an NG account. He posted frequently on until its closing in December of ‘03, at which time he moved to CCUK ( He eventually became a mod there, and was at a fairly respectable status. At the closing of CCUK, Masquatto became fairly inactive until the opening of the current version of, at which time he again began contributing to the Clock Crew.

History with Newgrounds
Masquatto had actually discovered Newgrounds in ‘99, when there wasn’t even a Flash Portal. After a bit, he was bored with the site and left, never to return until mid-late 2003, when he decided to see what the site had become. That’s when Masquatto stumbled upon his first Clock Crew movies. Shortly after joining the CC, he created an NG account on October 3rd, 2003.

Discovering the CC
Masquatto first gained interest in the CC through movies such as The Portal, Sonne, and The Void. Eventually, he decided to check out the site, which at the time had just shut down, and had become just a white page featuring Clear Clock rotating to music. He introduced himself to BlueClock, who forwarded Masquatto to, and the rest is history.
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Your all time favourite clock is back
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